The main objective of Escelco

is to lead the solar module manufacturing industry, always using the latest technology and offering maximum efficiency, in order to develop a quality European product in our environment and to promote the use of photovoltaic solar energy as an inexhaustible source of clean energy and in continuous improvement


Located in the region of El Bierzo in León (Spain), our factory has one of the largest clean rooms in Europe, where the entire manufacturing process of our photovoltaic modules takes place.
Our manufacturing line is equipped with the latest technology, and we continue to improve in our search for maximum efficiency. Today, in our quality department we continue to work to achieve a higher level of excellence, with which to offer our customers the best product under the guarantee of the best quality standards: maximum efficiency, quality and durability of our product.

Our Team

At Escelco we work with more than 15 professionals from the photovoltaic sector who make up the quality, sales, R&D&I, marketing and manufacturing line personnel departments.
We adapt to any of our customers’ needs, offering them our advice and experience in order to offer them the best solar module according to the characteristics of the project.

Ethical code

Principles of good practice of the company

In order to ensure the smooth running of the company, with a vision of the future and laying the foundations of a team that works in cooperation with a common goal, at Escelco we have a number of company policy pillars that have been put into practice since our beginnings:


Encouraging diversity as a source of wealth for the team and for a strong society


Flexible working hours


Equality in working conditions, without any variation for reasons of diversity, with no wage gap between women and men


Generate wealth for the local population and the local environment, starting up a factory with renewable energies that produces a product of the future and hires professionals from the area

Through this code of ethics, Escelco aims to promote among its suppliers, collaborators and subcontractors, as well as employees and management, responsible conduct that is in line with its own business model, while sharing its principles, values and good professional and socially responsible practices, with the aim of guaranteeing sustainable development.

Thechnological department / I+D

In our clean room, the entire production line is prepared to manufacture the most efficient modules, with guaranteed quality. In addition, our R+D+i department is in continuous search of improvement to achieve the highest quality standards in all our products.

What impact does our work have on the environment?



We minimise the use of fossil fuels by promoting the use of electric cars, working with environmentally committed transport companies. The manufacture of the photovoltaic modules is carried out in turn by powering the machinery with our own solar energy



We invest in research because the manufacturing process is currently undergoing continuous improvement and our working method is based on learning from experience. Every year the energy efficiency of the modules increases and the process becomes more affordable, economical, environmentally friendly and of long-term quality



Local manufacturing: bringing the entire manufacturing and integration process to León reduces unnecessary long-distance transport and ensures decent working conditions that enrich the environment



The main objective of this project is to start up the first manufacturing line for photovoltaic products with a capacity of 200,000 modules per year with split photovoltaic cells (Half-Cut or HC) at Escelco’s production plant

Project number: IDI-20200799
Place: Bembibre (León)
Start date: 01/06/2020
End date: 30/04/2022
Total budget: 836.264 EUR
Funded budget: 627.198,00 EUR (co-financed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and by the European Union through FEDER Funds)



We collaborate with regional governments at national and European level to integrate photovoltaic energy in public projects and give visibility to a type of energy that is increasingly present in policy agendas by participating in fairs and organising informative visits



We collaborate with ecological and social projects such as the conservation of native species (such as UNEF’s “The sun with the lynx” project for the protection of the Iberian lynx)

Quality and the environment

Escelco’s business, Quality and Environmental policies are based on adapting its services to the specific needs of its customers, always with a commitment to meeting their requirements and expectations and with a clear commitment to protecting the environment.

We are aware of the importance of Quality and the Environment, as well as Health and Safety at work, in the current and future business environment, and that is why we are implementing an Integral Management System according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, to improve our service provision processes and to carry out our activity in the most sustainable way possible.

Quality and environmental policy
From Escelco, we want to publicly disseminate our Quality and Environmental Policy Statement, which will be part of all the activities carried out by the company.

Environmental performance
We are an organisation committed to continuous improvement and that is why, following the guidelines set out in our Quality and Environment policy, we have implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO standards, with which we are committed to preventing pollution and protecting the environment. By means of this system we have identified the significant environmental aspects of our activity and we have evaluated its consumption, waste generation, dumping, emissions, etc. With the aim of controlling and reducing them as far as possible.

Good environmental practices for Escelco’s suppliers and subcontractors
As a result of our Integrated Management System and in accordance with the corresponding UNE-EN-ISO standards, Escelco informs our external suppliers of a charter of good practices and also informs them that they will be subject to a continuous evaluation process based on possible incidents in their products or services provided.